Private, Semi-Private & Small Group Training

Boulder Indoor Soccer offers Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Training. Individual and small group training will significantly increase each player’s technical skill level.

Sample Private Training Curriculum
* Shooting and finishing on goal
* Striking a driven ball with proper technique
* Passing and Receiving
* Technical ball control, skill work, feints and the art of deception with the ball
* Foot Speed with the ball and first step quickness training
* Defensive shape and movement training

If your child wants a specific skill to focus on, please let us know and we will develop a training program accordingly. 

Training Session Fees

LessonNumber of PlayersCost Per Hour
Small Group5-10$225

Fees include field space and coach’s fee.


Indoor and outdoor training options at Boulder Indoor Soccer. Please call 303.440.0809 or email for availability and registration.